How much will my translation cost?

How long will the translation take?

Delivery time depends on the length and complexity of the document and any other additional requirements or services. A certified translation of one or two pages can usually be completed within two-to-three working days. Once I have seen the document, I will be able to confirm my availability and an estimated delivery date. I take pride in providing high quality translations which have been carefully produced and checked.

Do you need the original documents and how should I send files to you?

Sometimes the original documents may be required for notarised translations, but otherwise I can work from a clear, scanned copy of the document sent to me by email - ideally as a Word or PDF file. From this, I will calculate the word count and send you a quotation. If the files are large you can send them using WeTransfer. I will return certified translations to you by post, with a scanned version by email as well if required. Non-certified translations are usually returned as a Word document.

I’ve been asked to get a certified translation; what does that mean?

This is generally only required for legal translations. A certified translation includes a self-certification, signed and dated by the translator, attesting to the accuracy of the translation and includes the translator’s professional qualifications and credentials. The back of each page of the translation will also be stamped and signed. As a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists and the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, I am fully qualified to provide certified translations into English. Find out more in my article A Simple Guide To Certified Translations

What is a notarised translation?

Translations being used for certain legal purposes may require notarisation by a notary public. The translator is required to swear an oath that they have translated the document and the notary public confirms the translator’s identity and attaches a notarial certificate to the original document and the translation. The notary public does not attest to the accuracy of the translation, unless they are specifically required to do so and are qualified in the language combination. I am happy to obtain notarisation for you.

Can you provide certified translations of English documents?

A certified translation of a document in English that is to be used abroad should usually be carried out by a mother tongue translator of that language. Some countries require a “sworn” translation, where the translation must be carried out by a qualified translator who has been officially appointed by the country in which the document is to be used. Although I cannot provide certified translations from English into other languages, I am happy to refer you to a colleague who can.

What are your payment terms?

My terms of payment are 30 days from the date of invoice for corporate clients and translation companies. For private clients I require payment in advance. I accept payment by bank transfer or PayPal. For longer assignments or text, I may require an initial payment and instalments on agreed terms. Please see my Rates & Terms for more information.

I need a document translating really quickly, are you able to deliver?

I always try to help with short deadlines if possible. Please get in touch and we can discuss if I am able to accommodate.

The document I need translating is very sensitive, what guarantees do I have that it will remain private?

I have strong measures in place to ensure security when it comes to confidential documents. For full details please read my Privacy Policy or feel free to contact me for more information.

What guarantees can you give about the accuracy and quality of your translations?

I am dedicated to delivering high quality translations on time with careful attention to detail. I go through my own quality check procedure for each document, to ensure your texts are smooth and error-free. Find out more about my qualifications and experience here.

Would you like to chat further about the services I can deliver and your individual needs?

I am happy to help, and advice is always free. Get in touch at