How much does a translation cost? That’s usually one of the first questions I’m asked when people enquire about my services and the short answer is, it depends! There is no fixed fee.

Before I can give you a quote for the work, I need to see the document so that I can work out the word count and how long it’s going to take me.

I need to know the subject of the document and if there is a specific layout which needs to be reproduced, such as a table or a diagram. What is the translation to be used for?

If it is for legal use it may require certification or notarisation and how is the translation to be delivered – electronically or by post?

Are there any other requirements, such as extra copies or an urgent deadline and do I need to use any specific software?

Translation rates can vary, but like any other professional service they are based on years of experience and hard-earned qualifications.

Cheap services may seem appealing but serious translation errors can cause unnecessary problems and costs. If rates seem to be a little high, take this into consideration and you will get exactly what you pay for!

Please send me a copy of the document, tell me exactly what you need and I will give you a quote with a breakdown on the cost and the delivery time.

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