Privacy Policy – Sarah Cutts Translation

This privacy policy sets out how I collect and use any personal information given to me.

Lawful basis and what I collect

As part of my duties as a translator, I collect, process and store personal information.  The lawful basis for this is for the performance of a contract.  Personal information refers to details about you which may be contained in any documents that I am required to translate, or any contact details such as your address or telephone number that I may ask you to provide in order for me to deliver the translation to you, or to contact you regarding the translation. This also includes emails regarding the translation work undertaken.  I do not engage third parties to collect personal information on my behalf, nor do I collect personal information that I do not need.  I am the data controller for all personal information provided and the sole data collector and processor for Sarah Cutts Translation.

How I use personal information

Any personal information that is provided to me, which forms part of a document to be translated, will only be used for that specific purpose.

Personal information and client contact details will also be used for internal record keeping and will not be shared with any third parties, except for use in accountancy or tax purposes, if necessary.  It is not processed outside the countries of the EEA.

I do not use any automated decision making processes.

How I store personal information

All translations will be kept for 6 years, in accordance with the UK limitation period for claims, and will be stored electronically on a secure and encrypted computer, which only I have access to with a printed hard copy also kept in a locked cabinet.  For non-certified translations an electronic copy only will be stored on a secure and encrypted computer.  During this time, the translations cannot be erased, and after this time, all electronic copies will be deleted and any hard copies shredded.

Client contact details will be stored securely in a password protected file on a secure and encrypted computer, which only I have access to and will only be used by me to contact you during the translation process and upon completion to deliver the final translation, either electronically or via post.   After the translations have been removed from my system, in accordance with the timescale indicated above, the respective client details will be deleted from my system.

Any documents sent to me as part of an enquiry for potential translation work will be kept for a period of 30 days and will then be deleted from my system if the translation does not go ahead.

I do not use unsecure public Wi-Fi whilst carrying out translation work.

Your rights

You have the right to contact me regarding the collection, processing and storage of your personal information and to request the following:

  1. Access to your personal information
  2. Correction of your personal information
  3. Erasure of your personal information
  4. Objection to processing of your personal information
  5. Restriction of the processing of your personal information
  6. The transfer of personal information (portability of personal information)
  7. The right to withdraw consent

If I agree to your request, in accordance with legal requirements, I can provide the information orally or in writing.  You also have the right to complain to The Information Commissioner’s Office ( if you feel that I am not handling your personal information correctly.

Consequences of not providing personal information

Failure to provide any personal information requested would mean I would be unable to fulfil a contract with you.